Text Box: Here at The Car Specialists, We do care a big deal about our Customers and their Vehicles.
We have a on day drive-in and One day-drive-out policy.  
We take about one working day to replace your clutch and by the end of the working day you will receive you bakkie or car, after through out inspection, tests has been completed so that we can have our complete satisfactory stamp on it.
All Our works carry guarantee. So please feel free to ask, once you phone or come to see us for a quotation.
The Clutches is R6500. and R8500 (fitted). There is some improvements made so that you donít have to replace your flywheel every time you have to replace your clutch plate. In other words. That is how we help you saving R14 000 every time.
So Please!!! Donít trade in your NAVARA Truck for a Toyota Road killer.
Letís fix it and you can enjoy the benefits without headaches and stress of buying another ldv or car. 
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(012) 329 8885 / 071 450 2000 / 082 341 4573

608 Adcock Street, Gezina, Pretoria ,0084
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